TrulyCollaborate House Rules

Welcome to our TrulyCollaborate business community. When we created this online business platform, we envisioned this would be like a really great networking event – connecting motivated individuals who were seeking deeper relationships and opportunities to grow and achieve their goals with businesses like yours. Our goal?

To have valued business experts like you connect, motivate and mentor our TrulyLivin members and other fellow wellness business partners. We view TrulyCollaborate partners as “coaches”– people that others seek out for his/her expertise in a specific wellness area.

The ideal TrulyCollaborate business coach is an expert that provides a quality product or service that goes beyond a transaction – he or she seeks to partner, motivate and foster long-lasting relationships with his/her customers.

TrulyCollaborate members are a direct reflection of the TrulyLivin brand and its vision to inspire, connect and activate the passions of our members. With that in mind, to maintain your TrulyCollaborate membership,
please adhere to the following TrulyCollaborate house rules:

  • Act respectfully. We believe that all members are equals, but we also understand that different thoughts and opinions will likely surface in any online community. We encourage members to always express their thoughts in a positive and constructive manner. With that in mind, we will remove any content that falls into the following categories:
    • Deliberately disruptive statements meant to hijack comment threads or throw discussions off track (also known as trolling)
    • Hateful or discriminatory comments regarding race, ethnicity, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation or political beliefs
    • Links or comments that contain sexually explicit material
    • Discussion of illegal activity
    • Spamming, link baiting or files with viruses that could damage the operation of computers and mobile devices
    • Content that is inappropriate, in poor taste or otherwise contrary to the purposes of the forum
    • Aggressive solicitation of a customer or business partner, either online or privately
  • Maintain integrity. We request that you provide the best possible products, customer service, will honor all events and special offers and provide all business services as listed on your TrulyCollaborate profile, and on any of your supplemental marketing materials (websites, emails, calls and social media channels).
  • Respond promptly. Please respond to any requests from TrulyLivin members within 48 hours. If you will be away for an extended period of time, please post this information on your TrulyCollaborate business listing or leave an out-of-office message on your voice mail and email.
  • Speak up. To ensure a positive experience for everyone involved, please contact us at if you encounter any issues, have questions or need assistance. We will respond as soon possible during business hours.
  • Respect member privacy. Please adhere to the TrulyLivin privacy policy which states that we do not share or sell member information with other parties. This includes email addresses, phone numbers, mailing addresses, social profiles and demographic information. Prior to marketing any of your customers’ information, please obtain their consent in writing.
  • Have fun. Please treat our community the way you’d treat your favorite meet-up with friends; keep the conversations fun and engaging. Help us make TrulyCollaborate a satisfying place to connect.

*Please note that TrulyLivin and the information contained in its website, forums, groups and social media channels are for informational purposes only. The information within these sites and channels is not intended nor should it be taken as therapeutic, legal, medical or otherwise professional or personal advice.